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Performance Headers Come Install-Ready

September 1, 2011 - All Stainless Works headers are now shipped with complimentary Header Bolt Kits along with High Temperature RTV Gasket-Maker/Sealant, as well as necessary clamps and O2 Extensions. That's right, we're making sure when you order from Stainless Works, that you get everything you need to be install-ready from the moment your headers arrive.

Header Bolt Kits

Header Bolt Kits

Blister packs of 16 header bolts are provided as specified to fit the heads for the vehicle/ motor combinations for which each header is designed. Certain heads will only require 12 bolts (SBC), while others will need as many as 32 (LT5). With your header orders, you will receive either one pack of 16 bolts or two packs. All header bolts are Grade 5 zinc plated steel hex head cap screw bolts with a full thread length of 1.00".

RTV High Temp Gasket-Maker/Sealant

RTV High Temp Gasket-Maker/Sealant

"I'm sorry... did you say to use high temperature RTV as a header gasket?!"

Why yes we did! This is a question we get asked on a daily basis here at Stainless Works. Not only is RTV more affordable than gaskets, we've found it's more convenient and just as effective, if not better than a traditional gasket. At Stainless Works we install and torque without gaskets using only Valco's RTV, and have performed this process on scores of street and strip vehicles without a single leak or failure.

O2 Extensions and Clamps

O2 Extensions & Clamps

In addition to bolts and RTV, Stainless Works will continue to provide (again, at no extra cost) all the needed Oxygen Sensor (O2) extension wires and clamps with headers that are purchased as kits with leadpipes.